12 hostels that are SO cool you wouldn't believe they're hostels

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Travelling is fun, but the amount it prices isn't. Which is exactly why most people - whether we're off on a backpacking expedition round seven exceptional continents, or whether or not we are simply off for a weekend metropolis damage - will appearance to hostels to get the affordability you need.

As we well recognize, though, some hostels may be rank. We're talking cockroach infestations, showers you'll emerge filthier from than before you went in, and all-round fashionable gross-ness.

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But it doesn't constantly need to be like that. In truth, a few hostels are designed to look so unbelievably cool you'll be forgiven for thinking you'll by accident strolled into the boutique lodge round the corner. With a chunk of assist from the folks over at Hostelworld, we have discovered a number of the most extraordinary hostels around the world, so you understand wherein to stay the excessive existence on budget expenses.

1. Wallyard Concept Hostel, Berlin

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2. The Backpack, Cape Town

Not only does this award-prevailing hostel contain dorms that appear like real bedrooms rather than desolate rooms in which insects go to die, but it is got a pool, free breakfast, AND is Fair Trade. So it makes positive it offers back to the community but it could. Oh, and the perspectives of Table Mountain aren't terrible, both.

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3. Alfama Patio Hostel, Lisbon

The beds on this Portugese hostel are like something from your childhood dreams. Seriously, all they need is a slide connected and eight-12 months-old you'll be in heaven. Add to those an out of doors space with HAMMOCKS for those lazy summer time days, perspectives of the coast, and some pretty top décor, we've got ourselves one helluva hostel.

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four. Hostel Casa Kessler, Barcelona

You know how the contestants in Britain's Next Top Model all storm inside the house and grasp a mattress in one of the ridiculously cool, decked-out rooms? That's what this Barcelona hostel rings a bell in my memory of. It's newly opened, and you may inform by means of the decor - that is like modern-day meets the artwork nouveau history of the building it is set in. LOVE IT.

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five. Freehand Chicago, Chicago

This region looks as if someplace you will've long past during the prohibition back inside the 20s, to sneak a cheeky whiskey when it changed into bloodless outside. It's all warm and comfortable with a retro sense, that is a pretty dreamy aggregate. Also the beds look like educate carriages out of an Agatha Christy novel and that is were given to be a plus. Just, due to the fact.

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