Made in Chelsea NY cliffhanger sees Jamie Laing crying, but why?

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Well... The Made In Chelsea NYC kick-off turned into about as comfy as a the front row seat at an Alex/ Spenny orgy, wasn't it? There was that #awks brunch (Team Lucy! Team Lucy!), the delightful revelation that crab makes Louise cack herself, and some ridiculous one-sleeve roll-up action (Spencer: we're judging you) which certainly Proudlock – because the maximum stylish boi (he is running on his denim line dontyaknow?) – ought to have looked after earlier than the cameras rolled.

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Then, just whilst we concept Sunday night time had got as exciting as a Sunday night time which includes paintings the following morning ought to get, there was the trail for next week's episode. And the revelation that not only does Alex Mytton (the newly ex-Mr Binky) rock up in NY, but he does something so, so, SO horrible that Jamie pulls this face:

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Then tells Alex to "move lower back to London prick, I f*?!Ing hate you."

So *places on detective cap* what within the name of pardying on a rooftop like you have in no way visible a rooftop before may want to Evil Alex have performed? It's were given to be greater than telling J he prefers Cadbury's Fingers over McVities Custard Creams....

1. The Lucy principle

Now, back in May, our buddies at Sugarscape published those pics in which Alex and Lucy look like they don't hate each different as a great deal as we idea.

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So when Twitter noticed Jamie's crying face remaining night (permit's just have every other look, shall we?)...

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...Many human beings jumped to the realization that Alex and Lucy have to have set up. Just NO.

We were approximately to be a piece unwell in our mouths, then Lucy published pronouncing:

Some of these predictions for next week are barely unrealistic, have to say.

— Lucy Watson (@imLucyWatson) August 10, 2014

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