Mulberry have updated their Classic Bayswater handbag

Images for Mulberry have updated their Classic Bayswater handbag

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Mulberry have long been one of the most popular handbag brands in the country - and for good reason. Nothing quite says 'classic' like Mulberry's Bayswater tote bag and thanks to its practical nature, good looks and not-overly-outrageous price tag, it's become one of the most spotted bags on the streets.

Thankfully new Mulberry creative designer Johnny Coca has wasted no time in updating the classic style so it fits in better with what some women want today, which is a more secure fastening than the traditional flap design.

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Enter the new, revamped and flap-free Mulberry Bayswater, complete with fancy zip fastening and available in both a large style and small option with an added strap.

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Small zipped Bayswater, £995

As it explains on the Mulberry website: "The Bayswater is our most iconic bag, and its eponymous collection includes new styles inspired by the original. The Small Zipped Bayswater is the perfect option for those who like a zipped closure.

"Using the same construction as a Bayswater, this new style plays with the detail - deconstructing the front by removing the flap and using the iconic postman's lock to secure two belted straps."


Before all you traditional Mulberry lovers start panicking that this means the end of the flap design altogether, fear not, the classic design is still available to buy should this be your preference.

So really the news just means there are even more Mulberry bags to go around which could never be a bad thing!

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